Submitted Date 10/01/2020

Its hard to sleep
Your 60 miles away
Before I never had trouble
I missed you but not as much
as I do now
I've grown seriously attached to you
I can't sleep
I wanna hear your voice
For some reason I think that'll help
For some reason I can't help but thing
Its been a whole day since I've spoken to you
Since I've heard your voice.
60 miles away
I tried to call
But I guess your asleep
Considering its been hard for you
to sleep
But it's hard.
I wish you were next to me
In some shape or form
That you were in the other room
I could sleep a bit
Knowing you were just in the other room
The day before
But I guess my mind knows
Something knows that your not close
And I know your not close
But it's bothering me now.
Before I could go to a friend's
I could go to haylees house
For two days and just miss you
I didn't have trouble sleeping.
I thought of you
But its not as much as now
I am in love with you
And at this point I don't know
If its good or bad
For you to have to be close for me to sleep
For me to hear your voice
For some odd reason
The thought makes me feel better
What is going through my head
You, maybe.
I miss you.
I just want you somewhere close
I just I guess miss your presence
Being around you
Seems to calm me
Looking at you makes me want to smile
Looking at you makes me want
To look into your deep blue eyes
Makes me want to kiss you
Seeing you makes me want to hug you
Yet seeing you around Ashley,
Makes me want to crawl into your arms.
Sit in your lap
In a way to protect you
But how would that be any good
When the possibility
Of a lil girl losing a dad/ father figure.
I don't want that.
I just wish people would just let others love who they love
No questions asked
Ashley missed her chance. She gave you up.
And now I have you, for however long I can
I don't want to go out and party.
I don't want to be wild.
I want something real.
I want something that I just know is there.
Once upon a time,
I dreamed of having someone to save me.
Save me from my sister's wrath.
Save me from the arguing.
Save me from being stuck in one house.
Someone who would just understand me
Maybe its you.


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