Submitted Date 08/09/2019

Expectation is the motivating factor
For why we wake up every morning.
If you don't have expectation, you must be dead
But what do you do, when what you expected, does not turn out the way you expected?
It is in these moments that character is shaped and realized
You must not let disappointment and discouragement shape your level of expectation
You may even
With a clear mind
Find that when you get what you did not expect
It turns out to be what you need
To prepare you for the moment of what you have been waiting for
To come to fruition.
When you don't get what you expect
It prepares the appreciation in you
When you get what you have been expecting.
Regardless of what state you're in, weather expecting or receiving
Appreciate the process


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  • Rick Doble 3 years, 1 month ago

    Expectations meet reality every day -- and that is life.