Submitted Date 06/01/2019

Bring me your truth

Take off all your layers

Break the chains of yesterday

Find a sparkle of hope


And even when it's dim

You look deep

As you look at the shredded papers in your hands

And you say

He will give me beauty for these ashes



You won't find it it in their faces

Their hearts have grown dim

No not in the people you hoped it would be


It's not in your gift

It's not in your wits

It sure isn't in your broken smile


It's in an escalator as you go up

It's in a child's face as they wave and say hi

It's a shining truth

Hidden in the depths of your heart

Like hard gems

That haven't seen the light


I want you to pick it up

And put one foot in front of another

And show the world the gems hidden right inside of you


So don't force a smile


Look within

And find in there something

That can fix all this pain


It's a piece of his heart that God's given you

So don't lose it

Nobody's a loser


And you've lost the world but gained Him.

You win.



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  • No name 3 years, 10 months ago

    What a beautiful sentiment and you said it very well.