Submitted Date 03/19/2019

There’s a reason the eyes are my favorite part of the body. No matter what a person is saying, doing, pretending to be- the eyes always tell the truth. They reveal the reality of what the person is feeling, the legitimacy of their words, the validity of their body language and actions. The eyes are truly the window to the soul. Like a crystal ball, they also allow for one to see the future that person holds for them. Beyond their physical beauty lies a meaningful intention allowing for others to interpret how someone truly feels, regardless of their words. We can see things like fear, anger, love; the possibilities are limitless. That’s the true marvel of the eyes.

When people ask, “What do you see in him?”, they’re asking for the truth, the reality that lies beyond their sight. Well, I see him. I see someone I want to have, from his physical attractiveness, the crystal blue eyes, defined lines of his face, crooked smirk and vanilla swirl hair. He’s tall, or maybe just taller than me, and he hugs me so tight that I feel safe. I see a caring, sensitive man who only wants the best for the world around him. He’s damaged and people fail to realize how badly they’ve hurt him. The little things mean a lot to him, and he’s a heartfelt person. He’s very smart, a hard worker and is dedicated to his dreams and goals. He loves passionately and deeply, and holds what’s important to him close. He has so much love to give and only wants to be loved in the same capacity. He makes me laugh, he always makes me smile, and he has the power to make every problem disappear. He’s understanding and is always willing to listen and help, or at least provide a shoulder to cry on. He is strong, but weakened by the world around him, he needs somebody to be there for him just the same as he is for them. He’s clingy and needy and requires a lot of reassurance, justified from the years of mistreatment he was subject to before. He wants to be taken care of. He is submissive yet protective and controlling. He is softhearted yet bold and opinionated. He is a delicate balance of strength and weakness. He is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I look into his eyes and I see a love so deep and boundless I could drown in it. I see a future I want to have, a future I want to be a part of. I can see me walking down the aisle with tears in my eyes from the disbelief that I should be so lucky to marry such a wonderful person. I see us signing the paperwork to buy our first home. I can see us travelling the world to discover all of its dark secrets. I can see us sitting on the couch, doing everything to distract one another from the screen to sway the odds of winning as we play a game, laughing and falling deeper in love. I can see us cuddling while watching a shared favorite movie, trying to stay up all hours of the night like we used to do, but falling asleep together before the credits scroll up the screen. I can see us painting the room in preparation of our first child, making messes and laughing as we play in the paint. I can see us fulfilling every dream we made back in highschool. I can see us happy that we made it against all odds and proved everyone who thought we couldn’t make it wrong. I look into his eyes, and see someone who is everything I could ever need. I see a husband, a loving father, a best friend, a protector. I see someone who needs me just as much as I need him. Someone who will help me make our children believe in true love. Someone who will always love me just as much as I love him. I see my king, my soulmate. I see my better half, my everything, my sun, my moon, my stars, my universe; I see my destiny. I look into his eyes, and see- that I am home.

I belong here. I am the one that will love him and hold him close, that will treat him how he deserves. To lend a hand in repairing his brokenness, to keep his heart safe and protected. To put all of his pieces back together, to be the reason he keeps going through even the darkest chapters of his life, to be the light in the darkness and hold his hand through everything he faces. Life isn’t easy, but I promise that he will never face it alone. I will be his shoulder to cry on, the one who let’s him be weak and holds him when he needs to be cared for, the one who tells him it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel pain, it’s okay to be not okay. I am the one who will come to his rescue when he cannot manage it all alone. I will be the one to revive his faith in that this world isn’t as bad as it seems. He isn’t alone anymore, nor will he ever be. I will be his wife, the mother to his children, the reason he is able to love. He is safe, with me.

I will be the one who from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, take him to be mine. Until death do us part, I do.


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