Submitted Date 08/21/2018

Whether you are a small business, or an influencer: you know that Instagram is huge for brand awareness. In order to grow your influence on Instagram, it is important to post images a few times per week. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with content ideas week after week. 


If you’re stuck in a creative roadblock, here are 3 weeks of content ideas: 


Day 1: Show Off Your Products

Showing your followers the products in your shop (or the products you are promoting), could really help drive your sales. 


Day 2: Seasonal Posts

Flowers in the spring. Airplane wing in the sky during summer. Pumpkins in autumn. Snow in the winter. The best thing about posting seasonal posts is that if you use the seasonal hashtags, they usually spike your engagement so high!


Day 3: Positive Quotes. 

With all the negativity that could be found online, it’s nice to include something inspirational! Try to add quotes that aid your brands mission.


Day 4: DIY Posts.

Post a DIY that makes the most sense for your brand. The great thing about DIY posts is that your followers may tag their friends to show them, AND save the post itself, resulting in an increase of engagement for your account.  


Day 5: Behind-The-Scenes.

Everyone loves to see what goes behind getting ready for an event, a photo-shoot, or even an Instagram post!


Day 6: Story Times. 

Some of the most popular YouTube videos are the “story time” videos because people love getting the scoop. If you’re an influencer, post a photo with a story of something interesting/memorable that happened that day. If you’re a brand, tell a story of how you decided on a certain product. 


Day 7: Work Space Inspo.

Whether you are a brand or influencer, everyone loves to get inspired by others workspaces! Share a photo of yours!


Day 8: Snapshot of Your Daily Routine. 

Like mention above, people love to get inspired by others. Share a photo of something from your routine and give your followers an idea of what you do.

Day 9: Quick Tip. 

Share a bit of advice with your followers on something that you know your audience is interested in!


Day 10: Flat Lay of Work Must Haves. 

What do you use every single day? Take a cute photo of it to inspire your followers!


Day 11: Share a Recent Fail. 

Sometimes it’s nice to share a fail to show your audience that you are REAL. 


Day 12: Must-Read Books. 

What book has inspired you recently? Share a glimpse into the book and what it did for you! 


Day 13: Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you in your industry? Share their story, and how they inspired you in you’re career. Don’t forget to tag them in your post!


Day 14: Throwback Photo.

Share a throwback photo with a story about something from back in the day (or company history if you are posting for a brand)!


Day 15: Work/Life Balance Post. 

Work/life balance is something that everyone strives for. How do you make sure to balance your life? Share to inspire others!


Day 16: A Fact From Your Industry. 

Most of your audience is most likely in your industry. What is a fact that might shock your followers? What is a fact that can help your followers? Share them!


Day 17: Coffee Shot. 

No matter what industry you are in, now matter if you are an influencer or a company…everyone loves a good coffee shot!


Day 18: Answer A Common Question. 

What’s a question that your audience tends to ALWAYS ask you? Use this opportunity to answer so everyone can see!


Day 19: Share Your Favorite App.

What’s an app that you can’t do business without? Share with your followers because they might be interested in it as well!


Day 20: Share A Life Hack. 

What is a life hack that you can’t live without? Share away as your audience probably needs to hear it!


Day 21: Celebrate A Win. 

There’s no shame is celebrating a win publicly! If you’re proud of something, don’t be afraid to share the news!


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