Submitted Date 03/07/2020

Whenever I'm laying in bed and a plane flies over I close my eyes and pretend I'm flying high above the clouds.

I try so hard to hold on to my thoughts, then my mind slips for just a second and I'm right back to reality.

Not that reality is horrible but right now it's bad.

My thoughts swirl around and around never failing to fall.

My memories are lost and I try so hard to retrieve them, only to lose my step and stumble.

I try so hard to be strong for so many people but again I miss a step and this time fall.

I thought I was in control of my mind only to find out I was wrong.

How do I sail through this foggy bay, with no light to guide my path?

How do I navigate through these treacherous waters?

Someone, please explain to me how I am supposed to ever make it back to the clouds where I was able to fly.

Why is my soul so lost?

Why is my heart so broken?

Just when I think I'm truly lost I hear a plane fly over and I lay down and close my eyes.

For just a brief beautiful moment all is good again.

I'm high above the clouds.

Regina M Basile


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