Submitted Date 09/02/2021

When rain falls God cries

Floods reiterate his afterthoughts as loud murmurs

He's contemplating a lot

Wondering what his son died for on the cross

Nailed to wood, and bled for

He's wondering why so many of his followers and disciples have sacrificed themselves their children, their precious principles on the altar of science

That stands in front of stockpiles of needles, piles, beating hearts and sunken souls

God thought that evolution was the only roadblock he faced in presenting his truth

Having to deal with pastors and churches, operating in the commercial space instead of the spiritual one, stealing right out of his pocket with tithes that go towards wasteful deeds

The televangelists that sound like politicians, and get sponsored by toothpaste companies to rep their poisonous fluoride

God won't hold back

He will be heard across the land

Lions and tigers and bears will take the knee

Power lines snapped in two

Hundreds of people wait one after the other to fill up on gas

Deep freeze in Brazil halts all coffee exports

Better find new ways to stay awake

Because fire and drought add a touch that white on rice just can't match

If houses have to be yanked from their roots

If children have to pick up the pieces from their local playground

People will find themselves trudging through water at eye level

That close to the other side of Heaven

Then they'll be praying

God is crying

As another Adele song plays


Like our own bodies

The Earth needs a detox

As they say — 

"A lowering of carbon emissions" just to be

politically correct

Pick a thread of grass off of the lawn, and see where it

blows off to

The reset begins there

Down the yellow brick road

Fashioned with jasmine and emerald and lavender confections

Lined with stucco dwellings and pointed rooftops

A true Southern gem

The tornadoes will surely follow



God is crying


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