Submitted Date 04/25/2019

Keeping yourself energized is not about keeping yourself hyped up on caffeine and energy drinks. It's about finally having the strength to make it through another day with a smile on your face, not with a grunt. I have a few tips and maybe a little advice that might bother you. Well, whatever it takes to help a friend.

When it's past 6 p.m, it's time to slow it down. I find that it's easier to relax and unwind around 6 p.m when the sun is already down or starting to set. This should be the time you draw the line on taking up new activities during the week and choose to really rest. You can focus now and think more about yourself than the worries of the day.

Need caffeine? Leave that for the beginning of the day. Constant stimulation is not good for your brain or body. Once it's night time, it is time to tell your body that you deserve a little vacation. You can start it all again the next morning.

Keep positive friends around. Not everybody at the office is a negative nancy. Find a buddy or two who keeps you on your feet-dreaming and always looking forward to the future. Invest in your future by investing in your friends. So choose good ones. Ones that will motivate you to reach higher.

Heavy foods make you feel heavy. Have you noticed that when you eat a warm, cozy, and rich meal you tend to feel full, satisfied, and a little sleepy? If you really need to conserve your energy, eat light so that you will be satisfied but not overly so. Keep a lot of healthy snacks around like a bag of mixed nuts and a banana and you'll notice that you aren't nodding off anymore at work.

Believe your body. When you know you haven't slept all that great the past few days, you can't try to trick your body and say you will be okay to stay up late this one more night. Your body doesn't listen to tricks. It's an intelligent part of you. Choose to listen to it on purpose, and see how much your body appreciates that special attention.

With these simple tips, you can stay on top of your busy schedule and conquer the day! Choose wisely and live simply!


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