Submitted Date 07/22/2023

Wrap a tap measure around your waistline

And realize how the size of your perception shrinks

Body like a piece of origami

Fold the creases to stuff what should remain hidden

Fold the wings that can't be eaten

A circle becomes an oval

An invisible eye to leer back at you

A donut becomes a black hole

The stars twinkle

And the dust scatters

You see a constellation shaped like a dragon

And the eye of the tiger strikes immediate fear into you

The size of your wanderlust inflates

Those childlike senses you've suppressed for so long

Come back around

It doesn't have to be Fourth of July for fireworks to explode

All that matters is that you've connected the dots with what we have now

We're light years away from anything else making sense

As those drops of sweat you wiped off your brow

Bounce right back onto your face

Time hits a brick wall

The scale remains at 0

The size of your hands inflate

As your shoelaces remain untied (that person really wasn't joking)

The world is the edge of a cliff, concealed by the most unflattering of scaffolding

As you're forced into the role of Atlas

Dealing with the weight of it all



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