Submitted Date 03/18/2022

Here is another short Star Wars fanfic that I wrote about 13 or 14 years ago. This is the one that started them all. After visiting Galaxies Edge at Disneyland last month, I'm super excited for more Disney+ shows. Kenobi is next and I'm excited. But we need our antagonist. This one is for him.


Disclaimer: Star Wars and all related characters are owned by George Lucas and LucasFilms (author's note: now Disney) and not by me. I'm just borrowing them for a little while.


I watch you from the shadows of your mind, waiting, biding my time as I have done for a lifetime. Your lifetime. Our lifetime. I have always been with you, and you have spoken to me in the darkest of hours, poured your soul to me, cried hot tears for me.

I feed off of your loneliness and acceptance of me, and grow stronger.

I can feel your pain, your grief, the anguish of your heart, yet I remain still and offer no comfort. Your pain is palpable, like a thick fog over a moonless lake. You can touch it, feel it, move through it. You can also taste it. It sits on my tongue and permeates my mouth with bitterness, the sharp sting of bile, and it never goes away.

I revel in it and embrace it.

I know you are there, you whisper to me as you gaze around the haunted rooms of your mind that only so shortly ago was teeming with bright, joyous light.

I prefer the dark.

What should I do? you ask me as you grip your weapon tighter in your leather-gloved right hand.

What you're supposed to, I answer.

You lied to me. You said she loved me, you cry out to me.

She lied, I simply state.

He does not hate me. He's trying to save me, you scream.

He's going to kill you, I whisper. And you know that I am right.

You know that you are not strong enough to defeat him. He knows the way you fight, he knows all your moves, your strategies, your steps, your faults…everything. He knows your strengths.

He does not know mine.

You cannot do this, you protest as I approach you with even, measured steps.

Yes, I can. I already have, and you cannot stop me. You belong to me now, I answer with a cold, hard smile.

You become my prisoner in the shadowed recesses of my mind as I stare out through your eyes. You become the small voice that is easily crushed, just like her throat when I tired of hearing her lies and made you silence her. You become no more than a small nuisance like the dragon that was once wrapped around your heart.

If you remember, I silenced the dragon too.

You no longer have sway over the monster you unleashed on that desert plain that became drenched with the blood of your enemies. Or the monster that fueled your fury in the arena.

Or on the ship where your friend watched as you murdered an unarmed man.

The monster that guided your hand to slaughter your friends and comrades, the children of the future…and soon, the man before you.

Your "best" friend.

Your "brother."

Your enemy.

I hear your voice. I hear you scream. And I slam home the door to your prison so I can hear you no more as I raise my weapon and let the battle begin.

There is no more Anakin Skywalker.

There is only Darth Vader.


Original fanfiction story by Beth A. Freely, circa 2009ish.


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