Submitted Date 04/22/2020


We have a desire

For truth

We have a desire

To desire for more

The card flipper, and

The boy with a family that questions his every thought, his every move

They know, but they won't say it, they're just trying to be understanding.

But they don't understand

They're flushed with consumer goods

The card flipper and the boy

They're not meant to be hamsters, certainly the boy's not

Prodded and poked around


Why isn't he normal

Why doesn't the boy like routine

Kind of like his grandfather

Died in the heat of war tragically


The boy will not budge

His inner voice he chats up and confides in hollers what he's been feeling

Deep down


I'm not!

I'm not meant to pay bills and die

Meant to believe the news and the fake cries

Meant to give up all of my time

To a deed I didn't put my signature on.


He runs out of the school building

Past the scanners, past the friendly janitor

The officers give chase

They failed their fitness exams

So they can't keep up for much long


Back to the cardflipper

Once a company man

Suit and tie with hand me down shoes

The company lays him off

But keeps the ideas and

Pats him on the back to preserve his dignity


He learns he is replaceable

Not by a robot, but by circumstance

His wife leaves him with no explanation

She had a desire to do more


His kids raised by another man

His bloodline stolen from them

His degree's worthless

He's low on viable options elsewhere

So he drops out of the corporate world


Now he battles for luck in the streets

Where sorcerers and magicians come in abundance

And street vendors try to buy their own manufactured luck


The cardflipper has a few tricks up his sleeve

But knows that he needs a new act

Whether it's a sword down his throat

Or juggling apples and oranges with his feet


The card flipper sees the boy burst through the streets, through

the people with face masks, through the bullshit all around

He realizes he himself needs to stop running


He needs a new act

He needs to find a better way


Just like the boy

They have a desire to do more

Do more than just exist

To get ignored and spat on

To beg for understanding and a indebted dollar


For the longest while

The cardflipper has had the same pair of shoes

They come with a lot of loopholes

He's tired, enraged, fired up with gaudy indignation


As clear as day

He is compelled to want to do more, just like the boy

To do more than just exist

Do more than just accept the piss



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