Submitted Date 09/08/2022


Some people need to reevaluate themselves!


I won't go into too much detail in terms of who was responsible for what happened that day. I have a firm belief in karma and forgiveness. "Yes, that's what I said, forgiveness". After what I been through, the only thing I learned was forgiveness. Well, everything started with sharp pain in my stomach, and at first, I was ignoring it, but the pain got so bad I had to go get it checked at the time I didn't have a caregiver helping, so I had no choice but to call 911. I wasn't happy with that, but pain has a way of taking your pride away. Furthermore, the ambulance got there in no time. When I got to the hospital they started with the normal procedures, but they ran into a problem with my Ivy, the one that was inserted came out of my veins; they couldn't find any other veins on my right hand. They tried and failed until I permitted them to try my left hand. "What a mistake that was" afterward, I thought to myself. Well, they insisted that I require an Ivy, for a liquid applied through my veins, for a cat scan of my stomach. Finally, they did, or so they said! When I was in the cat scan room getting ready for the scan the Technician approached and tells me I am going to feel something cold in my veins as soon as he starts I feel exactly what he described, but then I started feeling intense pain I looked at my had it was like a balloon and the pain just keeps getting worse I said, stop, and he came close to my bed he said, "oh looks like it's out of the vein" I stop it hurts I could still feel the liquid been pushed in, so I got louder and said stop. He replied I did. By now, the pain was worse than before and my hand was swollen.


Now, I was not only in pain in my stomach, but in my left hand too. They said they gave me something for the pain, but it was not working. I was moaning in pain, trying not to be loud. The only thing I desired was for the pain to stop and get the hell out of there. The nurse took some time to come in and help me for more than half an hour in agonizing pain but when she came she said if I wanted more painkillers I said no I just want a heating pad for my arm. She didn't have any problems finding a heating pad to help reduce the pain and swelling. After I got my heating pad and the pain started minimizing, the doctor walked in. He starts by saying "Well the CAT scan shows nothing" "I see nothing" I reply "but they did a cat scan and an ultrasound of my stomach" "the doctor said I have a Hernia next to my belly button and seven cysts next to my liver" the doctor just repeats himself I see nothing it's not a hernia. At this point, I am confused and don't know whom to believe. The doctor proceeds to inform me that he believes it was a strained muscle on my abdominal but of course, I disagreed it doesn't matter I would rather not be there, and he continues to say "well I cannot keep you here" and I replied I don't want to be here "OK then I will release you". A few minutes later, I got the release papers. They asked, "do you have anybody that can pick you up"? I said "no". OK, we can arrange transportation for you. And they did. They went and got me a Transportation wheelchair because I didn't have my special wheelchair. They start by wheeling me out to the lobby to wait for my transportation to get there. I remember clearly when the nurse said, "they'll be here in one hour". And an hour passed, and my pain started getting worse by the minute. Transportation wasn't there yet, as I was told. They are aware that I cannot be seated in a straight position for too long or stand for too long, or nevertheless walk on my own. Initially, I made it clear of my physical disability and needs. The only thing I could do was ask where my ride was. At the beginning they said they didn't know, then someone from the front desk told me "they'll be here in an hour. At this point, I was crying and trying to hide my pain and tears. I asked the front desk personnel to push my wheelchair outside. The pain continued for another hour until Transportation got there. I saw two people with cell phones facing me, recording the whole scene. One of them was an employee of the hospital, the other a regular pedestrian.


The purpose of sharing this is that I want to encourage those that have experienced any kind of injustice to speak up in any way. Sometimes you don't have to mention people.


"Stick to the truth with conviction".







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