WriteSpike Privacy Policy

General Privacy Practices

Your private information is just that - private. We take our responsibility to safeguard the personal information submitted on this site very seriously and do not share it with any third party affiliates without your consent. We do not sell your personal information.

We strive to ensure any financial information you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential and secure using our sixteen-bit encryption security software that protects our members from privacy breaches and financial malfeasance.

All posts, submissions, and account information submitted to WriteSpike are the property of the original submitter exclusively. In short - your words, your creations, your masterpieces - belong to YOU. We do not want, nor do we feel worthy, to claim credit for the works of art our WriteSpike members post. You are the artist; we are the observer. We'll stick to what we do best, so you can comfortably do what you do best - write.

Plagiarism. If someone copies your work as their own, we will remove it from the site as soon as possible. Imitation may be the best form of flattery in fashion but not in writing. If you suspect you have been plagiarized, please contact us, so that we may resolve the problem. Please do keep in mind that although another writer should not claim your work as his or her own, when you post on the internet, your words become public and may be shared on a multitude of platforms. If they are shared, then hooray for you! It means you've written something compelling enough to soar through cyber space. Before the WriteSpike publishing revolution, a compelling compilation of consonants and vowels might have lingered on a shelf in a bookstore for years before their value could be realized. Today, WriteSpike propels your creative genius into the hearts and minds of readers worldwide with just the click of a button.

What information do we collect?

So that we can continue to improve upon the functionality of this publishing revolution and offer you an enriching and advanced social media experience, we may collect information including and or relating to the WriteSpike pages you access; the type of device you use, i.e., tablet, mobile, or desktop; email addresses and information you submit to us for the purpose of communication.

We also may collect cookies in order to make your WriteSpike experience more convenient. Cookies are used to remember your login, customize your account preferences, display relevant ads, and to make your overall experience on the site more efficient and satisfying. If you choose to access our site using a private browser, cookie data collection will be disabled.

Personal Responsibility

Although we consider your privacy to be of the utmost importance and take our responsibility to safeguard it very seriously, any information that is posted on the internet is subject to breech no matter how advanced the security encryption is that guards it. We cannot guarantee, with absolute certainty, the security of your information. With that said, we urge you to protect your personal information by using a strong password. A combination of capitalization, numbers, and punctuation increases the effectiveness of your password and offers added security to your account.


The policies above are subject to change. Please visit our Privacy Policy page regularly to check for updates.