27 Apr 2019 07:00 pm EST
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  • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 5 years, 1 month ago

    Each of us has a different process for what we do. Each of us has our own style. Maybe just maybe our ideas could help someone else achieve their goals. Maybe we could help each other advance in this world of creativity. Won't you all join me as we traverse this creator's life?

  • Carrie VanHoose 5 years ago

    Hi everyone! I have recently started working as a freelance writer and thanks to this platform, I have started getting clients. Currently I am blogging for a virtual office space provider and I have two test article assignments with potential for full-time work . In my spare time I am working on a fiction novel, Shattered Dreams Broken Mirrors.

    • Cheryl Krause 5 years ago

      Way to go Carrie!!! High 5 for getting your first gig. As a professional freelance writer, my one word of caution is to make sure you never work for free. All "test articles" should be paid articles. Never work for free and always beware of the person that says it's just a small job.

  • Catherine Rohsner 4 years, 12 months ago

    Hi! I have been a little over a year out of college and still don't have a job, besides one freelance contract with a local media company I interned at for 7 months. I am interested in freelance writing, but I have had little luck with Upwork so far and am also applying to full-time and part-time jobs. I am also working on an art portfolio to start my own print business on Etsy. For starting a business, I've read about the need for newsletters, email lists, pre-orders, websites, blogs, vlogs, social media, and more and I mostly know nothing. I published one book on Amazon but knew little of the business needed to launch it profitably. It is also a book I want to greatly improve. :( (I couldn't figure out how to comment on the actual chat, so I am writing here.) Thanks for creating this conversation!

    • Carrie VanHoose 4 years, 11 months ago

      I discovered I had to reduce my zoom to 90% on my laptop in order to find the chat bar in the group chat. 😉

    • Cheryl Krause 4 years, 11 months ago

      Catherine, the key to success on Upwork is to build a great portfolio before you start applying for jobs. If you don't know anything about newsletters or websites, you shouldn't be trying to get work designing or writing for them. They key to landing a job or landing a freelance gig is persistence and your pitch must be about the value you add to the prospective employer or client. Good luck!

  • WAYNE PARKER 4 years, 11 months ago

    In a recent flurry of creative activity I have started composing several stories but am now focusing 0n two of them because I like them so much! ( liking your own work is for another discussion) One of the compositions involves non consensual sex, and I must say its beginning to disturb me!.Just how n much of ones self do you put into a composition. May I just add , for the record,that particular sexual deviancy I find abhorrent and is not something that interests me personally enough to make me want to carry out that thing. but just where did this story come from? On the other hand I do find it and its participants interesting enough to write about. Where does one draw the line, if at all.

    • Carrie VanHoose 4 years, 11 months ago

      Fiction is a reflection of reality and isn't always pretty. If the scene is essential to the story than put it all out there. My novel will have some scenes that may make the reader uncomfortable for a bit but that makes the story more believable and real when it brings up real feelings. 🌴😎🌴

    • Trudi Young Taylor 4 years, 10 months ago

      That's a thoughtful question. Our city's writing group has devolved into a very nice, how uplifting, content censored twiddle. Ultimately, for me, a sex scene or any scene that makes people uncomfortable must move along the plot or show something about the characters to move out of the gratuitous category. I have a rape scene in an upcoming book. It was very difficult to write. I warn my editor and beta readers that a scene could be triggering but then it loses its punch in the story structure and the arc. I would not submit it to my writing group because they'd be so literal and conservative that they would imagine, either I had experienced it or desired it. In this current politcal and cultural climate, I don't know where to draw the line. But truth, in our characters and the ugliness of the world, is truth and aren't we as writers tasked with the job of keeping our world focused on the truth?